Air cadets corporal interview

Any ideas on what may come in an air cadet corporal interview?

And any tips and tricks to have a good interview.

Thank you in advance

Questions such as “why do you want to be an NCO”, “what will you change if you are promoted” and “what makes you suitable to be an NCO” will be almost guaranteed to come up. I’d advice you to ask your current cpls and they might be able to give you some tips.


To be honest mate, just search the forum for the word ‘corporal’ or ‘corporal application’ etc and you’ll be flooded with advice. Your probably not going to find anything on this thread that’s different to what you’ll find there.
Good Luck,

They woul ask you the general questions. Adjut your answers to suit the interviewer, this will help you out. Also if they ask you about improving the swuadron try to be honest and constructive as these are things that people look for usually.after that, give a solution. They will ask you questions that suited your answer too. So be prepared to have a scenario in your head.

Looking at the OPs other posts they said they were leaving in May 2021 so I suspect if they are still in the organisation they are probably commissioned by now :slight_smile: