Air Cadet Youngest Solo Pilot Around The World

Amazing achievement by 1811 (Marlow) Sqn’s Travis Ludlow - circumnavigating the globe in 44 days solo in a Cessna aircraft the age of 18 - The youngest ever.

Details at

I can’t help think that this could have been great opportunity to promote the Corps through sponsorship etc, but there’s been nothing :frowning:


awesome achievement!

This is pretty awesome, it’s a shame it’s the first in seeing of it!

Epic. Simply epic!

looks to be a common target for teenage pilots, the link below is for the youngest female pilot’s attempt

Zara Rutherford - flying in august

Fixed that for you.


i think you’re being unfair and imo did not need fixing


Just heard this on radio 1 now, so it’s getting picked up pretty widely!

Seems HQAC have now jumped on the bandwagon with some social media:

It does describe him as a former cadet - He must have only recently left as he described himself as a cadet in earlier publicity. What a shame he’s no longer with the organisation.

he was interviewed live this morning on BBC Breakfast

iPlayer link - the piece starts at 51minutes in

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Having done his PPL privately he wouldn’t have been on anyone’s mind, now he’s a former cadet even less so. They’re not that bothered about the current cadets.
Quite an outstanding achievement and IMO better off without some braid wearers getting in on it, after the event.

Nice to see everyone keeping the positive vibe of the thread going. :roll_eyes:

That shouldn’t stop him from going back to his Squadron and delivering an inspiring talk to the cadets on his experiences while was on his flight around the world.

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I’ve had a number of cadets do their PPL over the years and not one of them could say that the Air Cadets have had any involvement in it. Parents and various relatives giving birthday presents etc and one where the grandparents gave them the contents of a savings account they were saving for their grandsons 18th. I’ve never and wouldn’t be conceited enough to lay any sort of claim to it as the organisation’ has not contributed anything to it. In the old days when an FS would be a major chunk of a PPL or cadets get on a RAFA and similarly sponsored, schemes, it isin’t/wasn’t such a stretch to make any claim to it.

He could come to do a talk which would be nice.

As a pilot and former Cadet I can say that the ATC prepared me for light aircraft flying. I flew solo with the VGS and my instructor commented that he could tell I wasn’t new to light aircraft flying.
So I had confidence other students didn’t.

But what I feel my time as a Cadet did was help with exams. Other than weather (which isn’t a subject we teach) the other exams topics I passed with my “general knowledge” much of that from time with the ATC, all passed with minimal revision.

It might not be huge but I feel it (the ATC) helped me


I’ve known plenty inspired into their careers, including flying, through time in cadets after catching whichever bug it was that kept them coming back until it was time to leave.

There are at least 3 ex air cadet pilots I was friends with as a cadet myself.


a good point well made.

i doubt i would have ever even considered a pilots licence if it wasn’t for the seed of interest i had prior to being a Cadet.
Having logged 5 AEF flights, and a GS Solo i caught the bug and wanted more. At uni i joined the gliding club and after graduation and life settled looked at a licence.

the inspiration the organisation offered was certainly a big factor in my decision

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We may get less airtime these days, but it still has an effect.

Exactly I had a Cadet really throw himself into the BGA and looking at a Career as a Pilot, when he joined us he had ambitions to be a Paramedic, one 20 minute AEF experience changed all of that.

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Like others, I can think of plenty who were inspired into aviation by the RAFAC. In fact, I know of at least 4 ex cadets who are currently doing their commercial training right now, and at least 2 of them gained a PPL partially or wholly through the RAFAC.