Air Cadet related masonic lodge

Aware that this may bring out some strong opinions but did anyone know if there is a lodge or chapter out there specifically for those interested in the Air Cadets? If not are there any other funny handshakers on here that may be interested in setting one up. Perhaps call it ACC Lodge of Harmony and Moaning?
Looking to up my visiting game again now the kids are a bit older and thought it could be a nice one to find. Happy to receive PMs if people don’t want to out themselves.

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More a case of linking two interests with other people who share both. Not bringing masonry into cadets, if anything it would be the other way. If people in your Wing are letting masonic connections interfere with the operation of the wing then they are not acting masonically and I would not support them in doing that.

Thanks for keeping this discussion impersonal and productive.

Here is the AUP, please read it before your ninth post.

A simple question was asked. If you don’t have a productive answer, don’t post.


I am not in the habit of rolling a trouser leg up and performing a silly handshake but there is an air cadet lodge covering my wing and an adjacent one.

I’ve thought before if there is a ATC lodge out there but google doesn’t seem to be too helpful in that regard.

If there was one local to me I would probably look to visit but the problem a lot of the time seems to be distance and timing.

I’ve got lucky with mine where it’s a Saturday lodge so don’t need to worry about work the next day - mainly just need to worry about the sore head the day after!


In my neighbouring province there is a “all services Lodge” which as the name suggest covers all manner of “Armed Forces” personnel.

A Masonic friend was a member of that before he was a CFAV (as an former regular) and I have been along to visit as his guest. i like the military touches they have adopted (pace sticks in place of wands for the Deacons for instance).

I don’t know of any RAFAC/Cadet Forces themed Lodge though. Of my national friends within the Corps I know, only a handful/half dozen of those are Masons.
certainly in our Wing i know of only 3 others which would make for a very lonely meeting

I like the idea although can’t see the advantage, i would rather see a “Sgts Mess” in the Wing (which i have seen elsewhere work well) which would be more inclusive (both genders) but covered the same social aspects.

A friend has pointed me to this website, scroll down to #6022, it looks favourable.

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Would be a lot easier if they would all travel to me and on days when I’m not busy!

That sounds pretty cool - I bet the floorwork is perfect!


the floorwork isn’t quite QCS standard, but the perambulation around the lodge and “Squaring” is a good match for the drill square!

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i think this is the downfall of any suggested Cadet Forces Lodge.

I am already out twice a week at Squadron, and one night a month at my Mother Lodge, to attend regularly (as a member) would be another night out which would only be, and excuse me boiling it down to the basics, a social night with other CFAVs which is a night i could be more productive with the Cadets.

I’d much prefer a “Wing Mess” which put on all inclusive social functions 2-3 times a year (Dinners, summer BBQs, etc) than have another Lodge commitment.
I notice from the link that many of the military lodges meet in London and on a week night which again is another draw on my time away from the Cadets…

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Graham Bowerman in Eastern Region is certainly of this sect. So is RAFAC a recruiting ground for masonry as well as the RAF? Joking aside … I have t from the Grand Master that trouser leg up and best foot forward only goes so far :slight_smile:

Bloody hell chaps… this is the sort of thing that makes a mockery of our hobby.


Somebody tell me i’m not over-reacting… please…!!!

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a) Your over reacting
b) It’s not a secret society, it’s a society with secrets
c) Your over reacting


You’re over reacting. Get your head out the conspiracy theory hole, talk to some actual masons, calm down.

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If you look into the reality of freemasonry, you will see that it shares a lot of similar values with the military and RAFAC in that it is about being an upstanding member of society who contributes in a positive manner

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Have you actually met a mason before…?

Really? Having external interests and social groups? That’s somewhat healthy if you ask me…

Why the disdain?

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Can’t get in?


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