Air Cadet Pilot Scheme



I’ve recently been accepted onto the ACPS (Air Cadet Pilot Scheme). If anyone here has attended this course, may you give me a brief outline of how it is, what to expect etc.

Thank you in advance.


Surely you looked into it before applying?
I have cadets who would love this opportunity. They have done their research, prepped for it, applied for it (twice) and been rejected (twice).
You are a very lucky person, and not knowing much about it is a shame when others are so keen!


I believe you’ve misinterpreted my question. I have done ample amounts of research into what its about, flying hours etc. What I was asking about was how the day is structured etc, as of course these are not evident in any publications/forms given or those I could find myself.


It sounds like a reasonable request to me. the literature can only give a rough idea of what is involved, but getting in touch with recent attendees can provide insights that can be vaulable and help students prepare more fully.

It could even be little stuff like “bring a chinagraph pencil” or “avoid the coffee”


Yes, I was attempting to achieve this in my question, I guess I couldn’t convey it very well!


Sometimes it seems that the default setting for some posters here is “butt-hurt”


What region and wing are you?


hi, did my course in October 2017, really good two weeks despite the rain.
Tayside bus leaves from the hotel at 8:15 in the morning I think, don’t be late, I speak from experience. First day consists of form filling and a tour of tayside and probably one sortie (about 1 hour). there is a theory lesson before most sorties and you get shown how to do a walk around on the first day. you will have to do these yourselves so make sure that you listen. Each evening you will have to cover all the aircraft and depending on conditions tie them down, the senior course will show you how to do this. you will spend most of your time in the cadet hut so you will have time on your hands to learn the material for the short pre-solo exam, you get given all the relevant books. the exam is really not too hard as long as you learn the material. Make sure you are prepared for each sortie, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor if you are struggling with anything. The cadet CFI was my instructor, he is a great instructor, he can be harsh but for good reason. make sure you admire the graffiti in the cadet hut. Make sure you get your sandwich toasted I didn’t realise for the first few days(lunch is from the airport cafe and is included in the course) and the heater in the hut is not good for toasting sandwiches incase your desparate during the weekends when the cafe is closed. Also avoid the carrot and coconut soup at the hotel, to quote one of my course mates: ‘this tastes like absolute doga**e’. oh and don’t do anything stupid or you will be on a megabus home.


Thank you for the insight. I will definetly keep these points in mind.


Also to add to @willymac’s points above: the JIs tell you to try to source a flying suit. I managed to borrow one for our chap from the local AEF. I asked the flight commander politely if it might be possible and he had a word with the squippers. I had to sign for it as they are expensive if you don’t return it but they were very willing.
The advantage of this approach is the flying suit will be serviceable and relatively new. Anything you buy online is of uncertain provenance.