Air Cadet Peaked Cap

Hi all,

Is the RAF (Aircrew) peaked cap able to have the ATC cap badge inserted into it, or do you need a specific cap for it?


You have to do a bit of surgery to get it on as the RAF OR SD badge is wire and is stitched directly onto the hat.

so if you remove the badge you can gain access to the two badge holes?

There are no holes iirc

Correct, it’s a right pain

Stitch it on.

could I buy a WO peaked cap as it seems like there is holes for a cap badge?

No. They are slightly different in shape.

thank you. So i need a Aircrew hat and un sew the badge and somehow get the ATC Cap badge into the cap… great

If you’re considering buying then definitely speak to Wg/Rgn first. I know a number of Sqns in my Wg had spare hats (with badge(!)). Some regions will also have spare stock of No 1.

If you need no. 1s for something as a cadet you should be issued a FULL set including cap with badge

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OR SD Cap with ATC badge is not a stock item. All I have ever seen is a RAF cap issued with a requirement to change the badge as detailed above.

Our parent stores issue with the badge, they must get the tailor to sew it in place beforehand