Air cadet marching band

Hello yesterday at cadets I was asked to take lead in taking band. Our squadron hasn’t done band in 2+ years (well since I joined they haven’t done it.) However yesterday I was asked to take lead into doing it. I am not really sure what I am doing. I got asked to find out what everyone can play and I asked them and they say they haven’t learnt how to play it but they would like to. I personally can only play grade 1 on the drum kit. (idk how different it is to playing it on the snare drum whilst marching.) My question is what should I do. I am the lead and I was asked to get a band together.

Be realistic. There’s no point you taking the lead in something you haven’t got a clue about, is there? Speak to your staff and explain this as they may be misinformed.

See your Staff and have them contact the nearest Squadron with a marching band!