Air Cadet Management Board

Can any contributor explain where the ACMB fits into the overall ACO structure.

It is not mentioned in ACP11, which if you will note has had the Air Cadet Council Steering Group deleted - a decision made on high (by the ACMB?) as it was deemed superfluous. However it is now difficult to work out, when and where all Regional Chairman meet to consider matters which are relevant to the Charitable side of things.The words of ACP11 say - the structure will ensure the voice of the civilian pillar is represented, This might be intended to maintain the separation between the management of charitable funds and the beneficiaries and their agents, but there are signs that this might not be the case.

The ACMB has only one Rgnl Chair among the members, which suggests that decisions can be made at ACMB and handed down via that representative , rather than the other way around as is portrayed by the nice schematic in ACP11.

I think everyone should be able to understand how things actually do work. References to anything I have missed will be greatly appreciated.

All Regional Chairmen are members of the Finance & General Purposes Committee of the Air Cadet Council. We meet at least twice each year, and make recommendations to the Trustees; one Regional Chairman is also a trustee.

My understanding is that the ACMB is the internal senior management gathering for the RAFAC. It is Chaired by the Comdt and attended by the Chief of Staff, Regional Comdts and I assume Comdt 2FTS. I don’t know if Wg Cdr CCF attends.

The question that has to be asked is, what value do the ACMB bring to the Corps?

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Another question that has to be asked is: why isn’t Wg Cmdr CCF actually a Gp Capt position like the ATC regional commandants?


How many CCF (RAF) Cadets are there? I would assume it’s at least as many as a Region and therefore he should be a Group Captain.


If it is an internal management gathering, why then is a Regional Chair representative present, because as we are consistently told, the Civilian pillar has no part in the running of the Corps - it is only support through provision of non public funds .

And whilst the membership of the Finance & General Purposes Committee is listed in ACP11, it is clear from that document that it is a sub- committee of the Air cadet Council.
And that body meets twice a year,whereas the ACC meets only once. The ACMB appears to meet twice yearly each time ahead of the F&GP Committee.

So far nothing explains the purpose and mandate of the ACMB, and where it actually fits into the structure; there is a void in the schematic between Regional Council and ACC on both sides of the flow. So the question remains open.

How long has the ACMB existed, as it’s not something I’d heard of until relatively recently.

From my Staff P2 I remember the ACC which had two sub committees Chaplains and Sports/Welfare.

I believe that 2 separate pillars for the delivery of the RAFAC are being presented as if they are part of a single entity I don’t believe that they are.

Pillar 1 is the Air Cadet Council (ACC) which sets the higher level direction for the RAFAC - WHAT has to be achieved . There are a number of subordinate committees in this pillar.

Pillar 2 is the internal Air Cadet Management Board , the Comdt and her senior staff, which decides HOW it is to be achieved.

I would suggest use of the title pillar to be wrong – surely pillar relates to the civilian support?

But what you are saying suggests that the organisation might have grown another horn, but we still don’t officially know about it.

Might the ACMB be another sub-committees of the Air Cadet Council, but from what is available this does not appear the case; I always thought that ACP11, (and ACPs being the rule books) gave us the structure and was supposed to enlighten us as to how it all works, at least with regard to the raising and management of non-public funds, without which of course the ACO would not exist, because as with the SCC there is no central funding, apart from salaries and admin.

It is rather confusing that ACMB has Management in the title, and has a Civilian Chairman as a member. With that one exception, the membership is Management and we have been led to believe that the Civilian Pillar takes no part in the running of the Organisation, as the uniform side get upset when they think the Civcom is muscling in on running the show. I cant see how the Civilian Pillar can or should be involved when ACP11 makes it very clear that they are NOT involved, even though it appears that one party of the ACMB who appears to be the author of the revised ACP11, charged by no lesser personage than CAC herself.

Maybe you could try using the FOI website “whatdotheyknow” to continue your rantings…Oh wait :wink:

Is one not entitled to ask a question without it being a rant?

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Maybe just maybe Aries has a valid point?

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I find you tend to dilute the effectiveness of what you’re saying by repeating ad nauseum. Also, adding comments on here or commenting on an FOI post won’t actually achieve anything- it just looks like sour grapes.

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Absolutely, of course you can. Except you’re not asking questions, you’re making statements at the wrong audience. No one on here can help you, and no one at the FOI department can help you either, especially when you just comment on other people’s requests…

When you do a search for ACMB and the Air Cadet Council the main references are FOI and they are not the most helpful, in terms of information or definition.
Which is a bit odd when you consider the latter has IIRC a PUS as its chairman.

A PUS? What’s that?

Permanent Under Secretary of State, probably not very high up the pecking order, but nevertheless.

Are you sure? Because that’s very high up the pecking order.

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A PUS has Presidency of the ACC, with Chief of the Air Staff as Chair, but there is no similar presence on the ACMB.

In my training and my total absorption of the rule and governance, so it is a it of an eye opener when you find it exists, (through the FOI web) that it is very real but no one mentioned it.

Anyways I am asking a question which evidently no -one on the forum is yet able to answer, and which therefore gives rise only one conclusion.