Air Cadet Instructor Sentenced for Child Abuse

Another case in the news ooop north. This time it’s former HQAC social media guru and ACC poster Barber…

…which explains why Ad went quiet!

seen him a few times before on activities… he’s one person I felt weary of…

Is it right this is posted in the “cover up” thread. I can’t see any suggestion the ATC knew about this and covered it up.

Probably better here than starting a paedophile thread!


No, a CI

And a toadying lady garden.

We’re it not for the subject matter, it would be most amusing that HQAC’s creature, used by them to stifle internal criticism, turned out to be their worst nightmare.

Ho ho ho…


You only have to read his SM policy to laugh over the irony.


Wow. Always thought he was more than a bit creepy.

Just remembered that he and I had been ‘friends’ on Facebook. Having just checked, it seems I’ve been ‘defriended’. No problems there.

But he does appear to be friends with an ATC squadron, and using the old logo, which is worrying. Is there anything HQAC can do to force him to remove it?

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i doubt it - you’d assume he’d go out of his way to play nice given the likely conditions of his sentence, but given that he’s a nonce, i don’t think nice is part of his make-up…

i bet the local Sqn loathes having him attached to them, but i’d put good money on HQAC sticking their heads in the sand - if he was just a local nonce they’d be going full tilt, but he’s one of their creatures, so least sid soonest mended…

on a slightly more technical note, i wouldn’t be suprised if part of his sentence was that he couldn’t use the internet, so he couldn’t change it even if he was minded to.

anyway, nonce.


Fair point!

As emotive as this topic is, please remember the AUP.

It makes you wonder how many more there are to come, (which are more serious) after the Panorama exposee, like with Jimmy Saville and the football coach story which spawned additional cases.

its an organisation with 10,000 adults and between 35,000 and 45,000 cadets thats been running for 70 years - there will be others, and probably lots of others.

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The moment you have a big group of people you will get bad apples.

Without doubt, but it seems to be that nothing is said for years, even decades and then one pipes up and all of sudden there’s another and then another.

In this instance it seems to have been a bloke sitting on the internet, and not actually interacting face to face, whereas others could, like in the TV programme, be quite a bit more disturbing, and it could have been going on around you and you could be completely unaware. Even in the modern era when we like to think we’re a bit more aware, but how many of us find out that people we consider we’re close to (family, friends, workmates) have been ‘carrying on’ and we’ve not suspected a thing, until there is news of divorce etc. So when it comes to someone you see once or twice a week at the squadron, even less aware of what they do outside of the Corps.

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Another one…
RAF wing commander ‘kissed cadet’ at Dartmouth College

Probably best not to comment on an ongoing trial.

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Of course