Air cadet dress cords for band

hiya, so i know the dress cords are being re-allowed for bands and i was wondering if anyone knew how they attached to the jumpers?

cpl kapuscinski

Who told you this? It sounds unlikely.

Chapter 6 of AP1358C does state that dress cords may be worn on the left shoulder but only when in full No2 SD with jersey. This was in version 1.07 so not sure if this is the current one if someone wouldn’t mind clarifying this.
I have had the Bandsmen on my squadron wear them last year and the way we did it was to have the ringed end fastened to the inside of the jumper and and the tasselled end fixed just below the shoulder patch using a hook attachment.

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1.07 is the latest version yes…

do you have any photos? it would be much appreciated

it is in AP1358C and the national band comp regs as well.

Sorry, in my head I was thinking of the ones sometimes seen in No1s.

@Baldrick yeah my predecessors many many many moons ago used to wear them in the 80s/90s when we were still permitted full No1s back in the day so can see where you are coming from.
@Gavin I’ll see what I can do for you chap.

A button must be attached central on the jumper