Air Cadet Connect Website

Has anyone seen / signed up to this website yet?

I cant seem to work out what benefits being a member will provide? Although, they have met with CAC and got HQAC approval already…

It’s a networking opportuntity - both for the participants, but also the ACO. “business favours” shall we say! The project, IIRC, dates back to Mr Mould’s era - but suffered set backs and budget constraints.

Thanks Batfink.

I dont know if it is worth paying the £10 joining fee…or for that matter the £50 joining fee for having an F after my name…

Not really sure if paying for networking is going to be worth it…

Paid-for social networking?

Er, OK then.

I can see it immediately sweeping Facebook aside as the no 1 choice for ACO-based social networking.

I’m not doing it either… but we’re already “connected” to the ACO still. This is targetted more towards ex-members who want to “give something back”. The fees are used to offset the costs of their off-line events - where they do actual networking rather than social networking online!

I do hope their joining instructions include “why not volunteer as a staff member or member of a civilian committee”. Or they could just give their £10 to their ex-Squadron!

There is not enough information available on the site for me to feel that it is in any way legitimate and its demands for payment with no clear listed advantage to doing so seems suspect.

I wouldn’t touch it with a poo-covered stick!

When do we get our own introductory note from CAC?

Perhaphs something like:


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Hmm… maybe we should write to her and point the site out! :wink:

Any networking site (in the loosest possible sense) that isn’t ACC is going to get more approval from HQAC than ACC :angry:

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So there’s another Air Cadet related ACC, hmm, interesting!

On the site

ACC Lunch - Meet the Commandant
From January 26, 2013 13:00 to January 26, 2013 15:00

At The London Scottish Regiment HQ

missed that one then

no other events.

I wouldn’t be surprised is the name was purposely chosen to try and deflect some people from ACCentral to ACConnect.

Perhaps we should organise a networking event and invite the Air Commodore to attend…

I reckon she’d love it. :wink:

If someone was that bothered about getting in touch with an old sqn or getting involved generally, there are easier and cheaper ways than this.

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The thing is the impression she has given so far, she may, the volunteer that tells it how it is

This has now relaunched as the Air Cadet Association. Seems it’s a charity now offering financial support to serving and ex CFAV. Still not too sure about the membership fee and what it gets you over just making a donation.