Air Cadet Central forum content inaccessible directly

Dave and/or moderators: I’m fairly sure that there’s a problem when anyone externally tries to access a specific forum topic or post. I think any specific link to such content fails to work (almost as if there’s a global indexing problem).

For example, if someone cites a link to the specific topic regarding the proposed changes to the VRT commission, that thread is inaccessible (irrespective of whether the person trying to read it is a logged-in forum member or not).

Put it another way…the only way to access content is to search for it / navigate to it from within the forum. It’s no longer an externally-accessible information source (or so it would appear).

Can I add an odd behaviour I’ve observed since the recent “fix” that was applied:

I keep an eye on the “New” or “Unread” views.
Normally when I see a new post appear I open the new message in a new tab (firefox) but this has stopped working for me and gives me a totally blank page. If I click normally on the link instead it opens perfectly in the current tab. There are no discernible differences between the displayed URL in the current and the new tabs.


That’s weird! It does the same on my phone as well. Looks like the 2 issues are linked. I’ll do some investigation.

Thanks for letting me know.


It seems to be working as expected now - at the squadron this time but same browser version.

Yeah, I think I fixed it :wink: I’ll keep an eye on it - might need a back end rebuild - but that won’t affect you wonderful users :smiley:

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[quote=“DJRice, post:5, topic:2674”]
Yeah, I think I fixed it[/quote]

I think you have indeed got it sorted…any stand-alone URLs for topics/posts now seem to work. I think this may have been u/s for quite a while…