After a CCF ID Badge

Hello, I’m trying to find a CCF ID Badge for Langley School CCF, I have contacted the school but with the promise of one being sent, with no joy. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Obvious question: why?

They are privately manufactured for the school in batches. The supplier is extremely unlikely to allow you to buy one; the only way would be to approach the school.

If you’re a member of the CCF, you’ll get one. If not, you don’t need one.

What kind of ID badge? As in, the blue ID card (RAF Form 7537D) or the CCF ID pins that some Officers wear on their dress uniforms?

No its the School ID Badge for the brassard.

Its for my Wife’s display brassard after leaving CCF as she wasn’t able to keep it when she left about 10 or so years ago. I have contacted the School a couple of time with them saying they would send one out to her, but we have seen nothing. Now why I am asking on here.