AFI tips for senior nco

Hi All,

Been a cadet FS a few months (so fairly new) but through my promotion ended up becoming the senior nco at my sqn. We’ve got our AFI tomo (first big once since covid) but I’m still a bit unsure about senior nco duties/role in it- anyone got any advice or tips to remember?

Would really appreciate anything tbh- thank you in advance!!

Will vary Sqn to Sqn.

Its pants that your Sqn havent seemed to of briefed you properly for you to ask on here but oh well…

Just be smart, be professional, have fun all whilst making sure the little ones are behaving themselves

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Take the chance at the start of the night to confirm the running order and requirements, ask plenty of questions.

Beyond that, well prepped uniform, know your drill commands in case you need them, and be prepared to herd cats getting the cadets into position.

If possible, find time to buddy buddy some final uniform checks.

Oh and try not to stress - it’s not big enough of a deal to freak out and someone else will have done far worse.


Remember, the AFI isn’t about you or the cadets, it’s about the staff and how they’re running the squadron.

We had ours recently and, tbh, other than running an inspection, there wasn’t anything particular for our cadet SNCO to do.


If it would be helpful, I’m sure our Cdt FS would be happy to chat with you. We had our AFI recently, and it was their first as the ranking NCO too.

If your wing runs the AFI in the same format as ours, there will be an inspection, a Q&A, a session where you can run a lesson and then a final parade. Make sure that the cadets look smart and pair up on uniform checks. Be prepared for there to be an inspection by a wing-level Warrant Officer, and that you may be asked to walk around with them (rather than commanding the squad.)

The inspecting officers will want it to be clear that the squadron has prepared, so make sure the place is tidy and clean. Make sure that you and the other NCOs keep a good level of organisation with the cadets and that they’re respectful - salute the right people, use the right ranks where appropriate, make sure they’re quiet when they are supposed to be.

If there’s a Q&A session, make sure the cadets each have a question and have a few spares that you can share with those that don’t. They can be about anything; they can be challenging, and they can be direct. It’ll be a long session if nobody asks anything!

Most of all though, try not to get too stressed. As @GrandMaster_Flush said, it isn’t about assessing you, it’s about the performance and running of the squadron.

Cant believe this nonsense still goes on.

Do people still have actual AFIs with parades and all that guff?

The AFI can now all be done on SMS via remotely accessible details.

Or is it that this is a sqns one chance in the year to see their sector commander?

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They can check the details of staff, but they can’t check that you’re doing the right H&S gubbins, which was 90% of the visit we had.

Maybe i have wires crossed.
Thats a seperate form…?
Pretty much all that happens my end.

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