AEF wind

Hey all , last time I went flying it was cancelled and they said cadets can only fly at 15 and then a unit, I can’t remember what that unit was and was wondering if anyone knew because I’ve been repicked tomorrow and it seems very windy today and wanted to google it

The AEF will make a decision on the wind. They after all have the correct equipment to make the decision.

A number of AEFs have FB pages, with joining to monitor what is happening.

Did you mean 15 knots of wind?

That rings a bell for the limit for cadet AEF.

The RAF operate the Tutor with a crosswind limit of 25 knots, for cadet passengers it will be set lower so 15 knots crosswind might be what was said.


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If the mean wind speed is above 20 knots cadets cannot fly in the Tutor. Cadet parachute wind limits.

Yea that’s it thanks , it’s just been posted that it’s been cancelled , hoping to get selected again next month

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