AEF flying...from non MOD sources

Given the various troubles the Grob Tutur has seen recently what avenues are open for AEF from private aircraft and pilots?

A friend of mine is a pilot and has his own aircraft, he has never mentioned/offered taking Cadets up and i have never questioned him over the opportunity - both of us knowing the MOD/RAF provide adequate facilties
But given the current situation with the Tutor and the potential for a long groudning i am wondering what hurdles would need to be overcome
my thoughts would be to match the AEF experience, with 4 Cadets turn up at his airfield, get a briefing,a flight over their house and back (ie similar 20min AEF flight)

i know in the F3822 there are the four boxes indicating what type of flying the parent/guardian have approved, one of which mentioning “civilian aircraft” but i am presuming (being the organisation we are) it isnt as simple as turning up, strapping in and off we go.

CRB aside what is needed to prove pilot/aircraft are suitable?
minimum hours?
insurance requirements?
restrictions on what manoeuvres are performed? (obviously within pilot and aircraft restrictions)

Take a look at ACTO35. Annex B refers.

To paraphrase it swiftly.

First Class cadets, UK only.
No expense to public funds.
Parental consent obtained.
PPL holder minimum of 500 hours flying, 300 hours PIC, 60 hours in last 12 months.
No aerobatics, low flying, practice emergencies or aerobatics.

thank yous delivered to both!

IIRC 7OS (Jersey) use private ac quite a lot, as it’s generally cheaper than getting the cadets to Boscombe Down.

A few years ago my Squadron did this a couple of times during the Summer due to there being no AEF flying available to us.

Fortunately it was made easier by having two members of Squadron Staff at the time who held the required Civilian qualifications, and a friendly local Flying Club they were members of.

In the run up to the sorties we ran a structured course back at Squadron which basically cherry picked the very important parts of PPL theory, obviously academically adjusted for Cadets. This culminated in the Cadets planning all the flying for the sorties. Whilst the Cadets didn’t get hands on stick experience as they would with AEF, I think its fair to say they learnt an awful lot more from this then perhaps the average AEF flight (first one or two excepted) and is certainly something I’d like to be done again.