Advice for first time gliding

I’m sure there’s been plenty of questions like this before but it’s my first time gliding on Monday and wanted to know:

Is there anything I should know beforehand?

What should I expect throughout the day?

And if you have any general advice!

Thanks for any replies

In simple terms, follow what’s on the joining instructions you’ve (hopefully) been given, and then, enjoy! It should be a great day.

There’s no real advice needed that I can think of. Everything you need to know will be taught to you on the day.

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Do not jump out while the vehicle is in motion.


Seriously though.
Sun glasses, it can be quite bright in the aircraft on a sunny day. Ask before you wear. FOD and all that.
Camera, you may be able to take phots. speak to your pilot first and ask if he is happy. FOD as above


If you have ever experienced symptoms of dizziness, motion sickness, travel sickness, seasickness etc… avoid sweets and fizzy drinks beforehand… have a sensible breakfast,

If you begin to feel nauseous - tell your pilot immediately… if you’re soaring, you can start to become a bit dizzy, especially if you’re looking down at the instruments.

Unless the pilot has asked you to be quiet (take off / landing etc) chat and ask questions - your pilot should be only too happy of the conversation!

Most of all - enjoy it!

Oh and don’t forget sun cream!


Definitely have something more substantial than breakfast bar. Learn from my mistakes…


Unless your instructor actually shouts “jump, jump, jump”


So - how did it go…?

Brilliantly! The runway was quite foggy so it was all delayed a bit but we ended up going to Cosford air museum whilst we waited. The weather cleared up brilliantly so I could experience all the aerobatics as well, it was amazing!

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Sounds like a pretty awesome day!

With Spring giving way to Summer and hopefully more clear weather, here’s hoping they you get you up in the air again soon!