Advanced Marksman l98 requirenment

Ok, So does anybody have a definitive list of the requirements to pass the advanced marksman on l98 ( silver badge) What CLF’s do I need to do to pass.
Thank you

CLF 7 is the Advanced Marksman test which is conducted on a long range, following successfully completion of the the previous 6 CLFs

CLF 8 & 9 are discretionary however are required if you are going to become a Competiton Marksman by competing in a recognised National L98 Competition

Thank you, and roughly what do clf 5,6 and 7 involve?

CLF 5 - Zeroing at 100 metres
To teach the process of how to zero the rifle, by moving the MPI to the CZP through correct sight adjustments.

CLF6 - Grouping at 100 Metres (All Positions)
To confirm that the cadet can hold, aim and fire the L98A2 rifle in the prone, sitting, kneeling and fire trench positions at 100 metres.

CLF 7 - Application of Fire (All Positions)
To practice the cadet in engaging targets by deliberate shooting from the fire trench, kneeling unsupported, sitting unsupported and prone and apply fire to the centre of the target.

themajor has posted the lesson aims from ACP 18 Volume 3 but the actual scoring and standards to attain the badge are slightly different. For example, while the lesson aim is to be able to zero the rifle, you still have to achieve set group sizes for the certain practices.

It would be best to ask the person in charge of shooting on your unit or your Wing shooting officer so as they can explain it.