Admiralty nautical charts

Hello all.

Here’s one for the other sailors/powerboaters amongst us…
Does anyone know whether we can order admiralty nautical charts through the supply chain in much the same way that we can order free OS maps?


Free OS maps… got to expand upon that! Please :grin:

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What he said. How do we get free OS maps?

There is presumably some form for it, however in the past a simple email to our WATTO with the numbers has been sufficient.

It might be limited to 1:50,000 Landranger… Something in the back of my mind rings a bell there.

Pm me your watto email as ours won’t know anything… :rofl:

You should do it via WHQ and it’s limited to 1:50,000 with the low flying overlay.

PM me if your WeXO can’t sort it.

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Can you provide a reference or something on sharepoint that says we can.
So I can take to my wexo.

I ordered free OS maps of training areas before. 1:25k of Woodbury Common.

There is no reference, but your WHQ can access Defence Geographic Info Services (or whatever they are called now) via MODNET and that gives them access to a variety of mapping products which they can order against the UIN in the same way you can order BDFL films against your wing UIN. All they should need is sheet number and quantity.

I’ve only ever managed to get 1:50k, but only because that was all that was available on the portal when I could access it through work. They may offer more products now.

That said, I too would be interested in admiralty charts from a sea kayaking perspective!

Have you thought of approaching your local Sea Cadet Unit?

Already on it…
I have a large collection of SCC instructor mates whom I’m probing.


Go on, the double entendre is too good to let slide by. :imp:

You can join my double entendre club if you like.

It’s members only.


I’m 100% pretty sure my wexo even if they had access would deny they had… just to avoid the work.
Really pees me off.

To what extent do you need the charts for?

Have you considered scaling the display of the charts available on the Navionics web app, and then printing a screen dump?

I’m afraid that printing a screen grab wouldn’t cut it. This’ll be used for navigation training to at least day skipper standard and for actual navigation at sea, supported by the chart plotter.

Try these people if you cant get through MOD means, they also sell second hand and also cancelled charts, which would be fine to use for teaching purposes in a class room etc, prices start at about £4.

Thank you. Yeah, I’m familiar with them. Good prices, especially for valid charts which need updating.
If I end up having to purchase then training charts will likely come from them.

Ok… simple answer will be no… even the RN pays for them technically… The OS maps price is small change in comparison to a chart.

There are such things as training charts, basically the same thing just in lighter paper. I wouldn’t be surprised is the SCC could get hold of these. If not contact UKHO direct, they are likely to help. If you hit a stumbling block give me a shout, I can see what I can do.