Admiralty Interview Board

I appreciate that it’s a bit scandalous putting this on this forum, but nevermind.

Has anyone been through AIB and could let me know what sort of things to expect? There’s obviously all the publications online but it’s always good to know what something’s really like.

Albeit from a chat a couple of year ago, I was told that the basic principles / content was very similar to OASC.

Search for “admiralty interview board 2020” - the Navy-Net site seems to have some of the most up to date information / guidance.

I do like the note in the RN information:

You may have to take an item with you and cross the gap more than once, and the task may be over a water-filled tank.

Oh, learn these! :joy:

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Disgusting. But I applaud your efforts…

The fact that you told me that last night and are now reminding me is hilarious, be glad you won’t see me in Feb :rofl:

Drop me a PM if you have any specific questions. I went in Feb 2018 - passed but wasn’t selected, then medically unfit…

Thanks a lot

Can confirm this is the case. During winter months, there is no water however.

Why is this…

I’ll send you a message pal

Yep send me a PM mate and we can chat, probably easier over WhatsApp :+1:t2:

Will do cheers