Admin Orders - How to write them

So with the suspension of Face-to-Face cadet activity. It’s the perfect time for own consolidation of knowledge, and helping others.

With that, where’s the best guidance for writing Admin Orders? (I’m aware they vary for different activities etc)

Hope you’re all staying safe

  1. Read JSP101
  2. Find an admin order that you like the look of and which doesn’t take the mickey, steal it and adapt it for your own use.

Always been doing the latter haha. Will check JSP 101 out. Cheers.

You won’t find the words “Admin Order” in JSP 101 but you will find the different styles of document. A Loose Minute is a good format for an AO.
The key is what to put in it - that’s not contained in 101.
You can take a note from the way the Army write orders, or as has been suggested, find one you like and tweak it… and then keep notes. As you run various events you’ll think of things to add/remove/tweak. - Your template improves with time.

Treat it as a document for staff, such that someone could pick it up and run the event from it with little other knowledge.


And following from that good advice consider that Joining Instructions are completely separate.

Administration Order for those running the event;
JIs greatly simplified for anyone attending.


Not a wiser word has been said

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