Addressing new OC squadron

As a warrant officer in squadron our new OC will be a sergeant. How do I address him/her. Is it sergeant or sir/ma’am. Just asking as I never come across this before in all my years as a warrant officer.

By their rank if lower than yours

address by their rank.

OC is a post, much like training officer or adjutant so doesn’t have any special terms of address.

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This thread does beg the obvious question of…

As a vastly experienced member of staff with at least 8 years service it would appear that the sqn is been run by a person who is new to the corps. Out of interest why is that?

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If my boss left I would step up to OC as I cant commit to that however the new Sgt would probably take over

How about simply “Boss”?


Just Boss is brilliant, it looks respectful in front of cadets, rolls off the tongue.

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Surely the Sergeant will be OiC (Officer in Charge) rather than OC (Officer Commanding), as I understand NCOs cannot ‘command’, although of course that’s semantics and the ask and commitment is identical.

The Sgt OiC should be address you as a WO as ‘Sir’, and perhaps in recognition of his appointment you could call him ‘Boss’ in informal conversation?

What about like you would normally???

Sgt in front of cadets

Their Christian name behind closed doors.

Just because they are oic doesn’t give them a special title overnight.

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I like my staff to address me as Lord Commander of the Squadron.

Hasn’t caught on yet though :disappointed:


Not “Supreme Lord Commander”?

which wing? not one in the Southwest?

only reserved for TypeA (100+) Squadrons…:worried:


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