Addressing Cadets and Officers

I’m just joining the Air Training Corps in New Zealand. I was wondering how to address the other cadets. I know you call them by their rank, such as Sergeant, or Corporal, but how would I address a rank with a longer name, like Leading Air Cadet?

its just there surname you don’t say leading cadet


Is Leading Air Cadet a rank? Or a technical classification or qualification?

Here in the UK, a Cadet can be different classifications, including a Leading Air Cadet, but their rank would still be cadet

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In the NZATC they do indeed have a Leading Air Cadet Rank, two bladed prop.

I would refer to them as LAC < Last Name >.

I would expect ranks to be referred to as (localism may apply):

LAC Blogs
Corporal Blogs
Sergeant Bloggs
Flight Sergeant Bloggs
CWO Bloggs

You may find that Flight Sergeants and CWO’s just get called ‘Flight’ or ‘Warrant’ when talking to them e.g “Excuse me Flight”, “Warrant, do you have a moment?”

But if in doubt, just ask them. they won’t bite! :slight_smile:


Thank you sir.

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