Adding Civ Comm to SMS

After our AGM, the civ comm have changed around a bit. As we are no longer able to add people to SMS it’s a right pain now.
They are not registered Civ Comm so is there another form to fill out to fill out to join a CWC?
Do I just ask for details and send them to Wing?

Why can’t you add people to SMS?

You can still add civcom, just not staff.

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Yeah as covered above we are all good to add Civ Com members. I got ours to complete Civ Com Form 001 from sharepoint then return so I could add them on the system.

Only thing I wasn’t able to do was change the ‘rank’ from a postholder position to general Civ Com member but I sent that request to my WHQ and they sorted from there.

Thanks for that, I’ll find civ comm1 form. I don’t know if it’s a wing or region thing but we’ve been denied that permission relatively recently. Just an added pain.
Is the form in the form section? Couldn’t see it on first view, hence confusion.

Link here in Key Documents

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