Hi all,

Im putting together my MOI presentation and require some information out of ACTO32. Either this or if someone has a infographic or similar that detrails the various gliding oppurtunities possible in the RAFAC.

Is this not one of the ACTOs you can access via Cadet Portal?

I’m on my phone atm but can post the details later if no one beats me to it

no sorry, the closest you get is ACTO11 which gives some indication but its kind of contrary to ACTO1 which is just extremely hepful

what i mean by that is ACTO 11 says there is a requirment of silver wings for the gliding scholarship but ACTO 1 say you get silver for scholarship

Go to Training Dashboard on Cadet Portal and click “More Details” under aviation. You can get ACTO 32 from there :slight_smile:

thanks a bunch, didnt realise it would be there, just assumed that if it was available it would be under downloads.