ACTO 31 (Air Experience Flying) Re-write

According to IBN 012-2024 released this morning, ACTO 31 (Air Experience Flying) has had a ‘comprehensive re-write’ and yet…it still makes reference to;

Airborne sorties 1-6
The Air Cadet Pilot Nav Scheme
Air Cadet Air Experience Flying Course

All of which were chinned off a long time ago!
A comprehensive re-write???

I thought the different sorties were still “technically” a thing, and ACTO 31 supports that, but fully expect that the AEF’s don’t really use them.

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Tutor Passenger Safety Brief. The Tutor Passenger Safety Brief covers the basic procedures and emergencies for flight in the Tutor aircraft. The video will be shown as a matter of routine during the AEF visit. This brief is subject to amendment and uncontrolled copies should not be shown prior to attending for AEF 1

1 This briefing DVD is only valid when presented by the AEF Flt Cdr or his SQEP representative. Any copies held outwith an AEF are illegally held and should be returned to HQ 6 FTS.

Illegally held? What? :rofl:

This was also in V22. But still funny.

Then why have they been removed from the latest version of Form 012 that was released this morning?

The form 12 that isn’t in Key Documents anymore, and get access deigned when I try to follow the link from within ACTO 031?


It’s still on CP as a course you can do, and you can still access ACTO 36

You try getting a cadet on it then…

Im a Cadet who wants to do it. and as far as my Trg Off was aware it’s still a thing.

When did it get canned and what reason was given?

No course places have been offered for a few years now.
I believe the reason given was to free up flying hours to allow more cadets to fly.

Since it was a “a major revision [and] changes have not been highlighted”, would anyone care to summarise the changes?

From a brief read, it looked basically the same to me.

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Oh. Wait. Word can generate this for me.

Excluding typos and minor rewording/moving, the key change appears to be:

  • para 8c “Medical Fitness to Fly”, some changes in 8d/e rewording weight/height limits (which I think are unchanged?)
  • para 11 “Fit to Fly Leaflet”
  • para 12 preference for No 3 dress
  • new Annex B “Aide-Memoire” for Unit Commanders and Escorting Officers

No, you must clearly be mistaken, did you not read the IBN?!

Because this is a major revision, changes have not been highlighted and the document should be read in its entirety.

Clearly this is an entirely new document that is not at all similar to the previous one…


In fairness, it has been significantly rewritten.
But the rest of the content information seems to be the same, just with different emphasis.

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But they’ve kept in things that no longer exist!?!?

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Anyway, our copy (still on the shelf) is held on loan from BDFL not from 6FTS, so if I were to return it, it would be to the former!


Could you confirm the version of the new ACTO 31 on Bader. As AEFs no longer have access we don’t get updates on version changes yet this is our Bible for cadet flying!!

Would also be grateful if someone could post up the IBN.


This is insane.
Why do AEF staff not have access to Bader?

We are no longer part of RAFAC so they pulled the plug on our access.

I thought the RAF and RAFAC was one big happy family, all working together for the Greater Good.