ACTO 019 - What is it?

is there something wrong with Bader SMS? I log a cadet down as passed first class but on the list of cadets they still show as junior cadet. I went to look against first class cadet on the left hand side it said do the date and then fill in ACTO 019.? what is that? Grateful for some advice.

ACTO 19 is the first class log book ACTO.

Reading it the ACTO says that the logbook is sent to the squadron postal address when the Cadet is added.


For a Cadet to show as First Class on SMS you must ensure that the Cadet is enrolled on the Service History tab and a date for all three parts of First Class is entered on the Classification tab.

ahh, thanks Flighty, I will try that right now.

Flighty, brilliant mate, you is a star- have a pint on me in our virtual bar.

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Yeah, I can’t even get them when I order them manually… And they don’t even personalise them anymore.

I think they must all come to me. I ordered 10, and got over a hundred posted out. All in separate bundles of 10…


Could you send some my way please?!

I have to admit, I love how no one queried this.

Maybe you ordered 10 batches of ten by accident?

I definitely didn’t - the grand total was 113 booklets IIRC.

I’m happy to share the spoils, but we’re on stand down for 2 weeks. You’ll have to wait until the 22nd before I can send it out!


I ordered 30 and got 180!


I ordered 30 and got 120 in 4 batches.

They all went to my Adj’s house so it wasn’t all bad.


I haven’t had any for a long time. Maybe you’ve all got mine.

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They have stopped coming to my house. They have probably run out. I wonder why?

Did they not change the process so that we could order stock but that new books were no longer automatically sent our when somebody is added to SMS?

It would be an improvement if you ask me: a new cadet can get a book as soon as they start.

We got about 60 without ordering anything, it’s an interesting technique they employ…

I’ve been getting the same. On my SCC recently it was mentioned that the first class log book is being changed so there’s less signature blocks and that a security section is being added. Just wondering if this is HQAC’s way of getting rid of the surplus before giving out the new.

I’d like them to incorporate the blue-badge elements into the first class logbook, then rename it as a Workbook so as not to confuse it with the 3822, often referred to as the logbook.

Of course, the 3822 is under review too and may not end up as a book of any sorts…

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