ACPS - tips, Info and Questions

Ok, So this is going to be a mess…

Ive been allocated a place on ACPS, Im extremely excited, if that’s the right word to use, however I have some queries but also some tips on things such as uniform etc.

i’ll start with the tips firstly, I would advise anyone going on it to do two things. ASK STAFF BEFORE YOU APPLY, you will not be told much at all prior to being accepted… I had a very “flying/aviation” focused OC and even though he did a scholarship he only told me 25% of what I now know. its messy. Ill quote the email I have received.

> "CAA Medical – You cannot start the course without it!!
> Passport picture (hard copy)
> Air Cadet/CCF record of service. Duke of Edinburgh log book - the ACPS can be counted towards the Gold Award as residential or skills.
> Flying log book if already working towards PPL. If you don’t have one you can buy one from us at cost of £10
> Clean flying suits or clean working blues for flying. Note: you do not need both flying suits and blues provided you have sufficient clean kit for flying throughout the course. Training shoes or flying boots are suitable. Parade shoes are not required. We have a few flying suits that you may borrow if required but bring your working blues as back up in case none left in your size. I can’t reserve these for you – it’s purely a first come first served basis on what we have available on the day.
> Bring warm clothing – it can be cold in the aircraft.
> Sunglasses
> Swimming/Sports kit/laptop (if you have one) for bad weather days.
> Sufficient clothing and money for 14 days. (Including a £10 refundable deposit for your study bag/books"

This is litterally JUST the required items. ill bullet point things I suggest cadets who are successful do

  • List item for flying suits CHECK EBAY… I got a flying suit for £18 on ebay from a ex-serviceman in my size never used… incl the velcro name tabs.

  • List item MAKE SURE you ask questions to your squadrons staff. dont worry about sounding dumb or clueless thats what they are there for.

  • List item Always leave enough time between travel should you arrange it.

Now for the more question orientated part:

  1. I have requested that I pay for my travel up there via BA flights and then the wing pay for my travel back… However ive been told it would be “easier” and the wing would be “happier” to pay for travel there and back via a travel warrant. what are the terms of this warrant is it possible to have the warrant and still fly or am i required to go and use the warrant for travel there?

  2. Also, what exactly will the wing pay for? I know this sounds really bad because it seems like I dont want to pay and my position is quite the contrary. I want to pay however my parents are split up and my mum is undergoing cancer treatment so therefore is not working…

  3. How many flying suits should I have?

  4. Is there anything other than this I need to take?

  5. Would this contribute to my RAF application in the future, and would that even be looked at considering i have just been cleared of asthma as a “childhood” illness? (i’ve become 17 very recently)

Thanks in advance!

The travel warrant would cover a rail journey from your local station to Dundee. That would be free of charge for you.