ACPS Silver Wings - Badge Procurement

Afternoon all - does anybody per chance happen to know where the RAFAC ACPS Silver Wings come from?

One of my cadets achieved the qualification back in July but is still waiting for his Wings. I have escelated the issue via the CoC (on here is my secondary tac) but I’ve been met with a solid ‘supply chain issues’ response.

I know there’s various rumours about difficulty getting badges but my concern is growing that he will likely age-out before the Corps is able to provided the badge! I would have though badge provision is a relatively simple process - alas not!

Does anybody know where they are made / come from / have one they could post out? Are they available via private sources as with other badges? A quick google doesn’t throw up much but at this point, the Sqn would be happy to pay for bagde for him.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


While not the answer you want, Cadet Direct have them in stock, just have the squadron buy one then when the CoC finally issues the sqn one, you’ve got a spare ready for the next cadet.

Theyre not the current badges IIRC… thats probably why you’re having trouble locating a set.

Cheers but sadly as @Victor_Zulu says, the ones on Cadet Direct are the old style not the current style. :frowning: Sad times.

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They match the graphic shown in AP1358C . . .

Yes I know there was some IBN some time ago shrug

But there isnt a difference between ACPS Silver and GS Silver… so i know they’re around.

Are you friendly with any VGS units?

Are you new here? :rofl:
I’m sure @AlexCorbin said the new version was coming out before the Christmas pause :joy:


Do VGS’s hold stocks do they? Not friendly as such… but its worth making friends for!

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I thought Tayside issued them on completion of ACPS?

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Supposed to but haven’t (though I suspect it’s a case of ‘can’t’ rather than won’t as they don’t have the badges). I’ve taken it up with them already and have been pointed in the direction of Region / Corps… sad times

I know my 2 SGS cadets recieved theirs from the respective VGS’s

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Considering they refused to give the old G blue badge to my cadets because “we only get supplied them for ATC. CCF are lucky to be offered gliding slots because VGS is for ATC, you’ll have to get your own badges from you HQ because you have a different syllabus” I’ll be surprised if they are willing to plug the gap for Tayside

Ahhh yes, before the Christmas pause but before which Christmas pause? Knowing HQAC they probably meant Christmas 2040😱

lol @AlexCorbin says a great many things :wink:

But seriously, I’d just get on and present the cadet with the badge we do have, rather than continuing to disappoint them with “sorry we are waiting for a badge”

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The VGS’s have loads of them. They’ll need proof they’ve earned them from my experience though

That’s not probs - we’ve got a certificate and other documentation to prove he went, etc. I shall get in touch!

Errr what? Who made that nonsense up?

The OC there when I took cadets for the PTT pre-covid. Luckily I managed to get some from the CCFAvO but my cadets were understandably a bit miffed that the ATC cadets there at the same time got given the badge and they didn’t.
I know he was wrong but didn’t want to have an argument in front of the kids.

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That’s an argument which I’ve heard many times over the years.

‘Resources are provided for the ATC, CCF(RAF) are freeloading on them. You’re all rich anyway.’

Applied to gliding, ranges, weapons, ammunition, uniform, you name it.

Yes, it’s becoming uncommon since the ACO and now RAFAC mergers, but it’s still heard from time to time with older staff.


Sorry for digging up an old thread, but…

Cadet direct now stock them.