ACPS Course Report - 'Total Score'


I have just seen an Air Cadet Pilot Scheme end of course report, and, while the majority of the report is self-explanatory, the last block - ‘Total Score’ - doesn’t come with any explanation or scoring guide. It is just a number.
The cadet in question scored 111 as an example. Does anyone have any idea what is a good/poor score?


its out of 117


This is a total of the scores achieved in sections 9, 12 and 14 on the End of Course Report.

There are a total of 13 parameters in these sections with a maximum score of 9 in each parameter so a perfect score would be 13 x 9 = 117 so a score of 111 is excellent.


Willymac, Flighty, thank you for your replies. Any idea what the average score is?


what are the sections 9, 12 and 14??

what are the students measured on?


Scoring is (for each parameter):

9 - Outstanding
8/7 - Above Average
6/5/4 - Average
3/2 - Below Average
1 - Poor

Parameters are:

Section 9. Assessment of student’s performance in the air

  • Practical pilot ability
  • Rate of learning
  • Retention of knowledge and Skills
  • Awareness of environment
  • Allocation of priorities
  • Ability to handle multiple inputs/stresses

Section 12. Assessment of student’s personal qualities.

  • Appearance and Bearing
  • Manner and Impact
  • Speech & powers of expression
  • Attitude to the course
  • Interest in aviation
  • Interest in RAF

Section 14.

  • Overall assessment


Many thanks for this info @Flighty, we have 2 cadets who just had their assessment weekend for ACPS, so having this will help when their reports come back


Assessment weekend? Is that a CCF thing?


My Wing run an assessment for candidates applying for ACPS at our local AEF before forwarding their applications to wherever they go.

Not sure what exactly it entails or whether @Graciemumof5 is referring to the same sort of thing.


@Turbo and @MRAR that’s exactly it. They’ve been at our local AEF for the weekend for the practical assessments following the submission of their application form. TBH all the cadets there have been told regardless of the outcome and the awarding of the scholarships, they’ve done very well to be selected, as this was for all the Wings in the Region. Just a wait to find out the results!


Please note that the scoring system shown above applies to the End of Course Report which is issued after a cadet completes an Air Cadet Pilot Scholarship.

It is not normally used in a Wing or Regional selection process.


Thanks for the incisive comments.
I’m still looking for an average score, so would it be fair to say that 78 (13 x 6 the high average score) is it. Or, is it as I suspect, higher than that as everybody who gets pick is more capable than an average cadet?
Suppose it depends if the scoring is based on those that have attended over the years as a benchmark, or based on a perceived score of all cadets as a benchmark? I’m confusing myself now!