ACPS Cancelled: another kick in the teeth

Not sure it’s unreasonable to expect that AvOs specifically would get a heads up and maybe some extra flavour text in a separate SME brief.


Ok, as long as we aren’t talking emails to all.

No, the weekly brief is for that - “brief” updates on topics.

Amplifying details on important topics (especially ACPS) should add more information.

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I’d say the brief should have the headline with brief details and links for those who want further information. No additional bulk email over and above the weekly brief or a significant announcement (like those around the death of Her Late Majesty) in between the weekly brief cycles.

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The Weekly Brief is useful in some contexts.

However, for policy statements, ability to easily search for a topic (months or even yrs later) or to engage with the local “SME”‘originating / forwarding an email, the Weekly Brief does not work.

RAFAC comms protocols are still very hotchpotch, not helped by regional / wg variations.

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Restart the civvy ACPS, or the Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Training Scheme and the Air Cadet AEF Course, both of which the RAF provided?

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I mentioned previously about shortage of military QFIs.

Id put money on the RAF not letting Solos happen. Maybe ghosted ones


They might even consider that they aren’t “zero risk” and can them.

The only real advantage of using AEFs for ACPS is that it would spread the geographical workload.

I suspect that there would still be accommodation issues, & of course, notwithstanding the shortage of QFIs, the entire contract would have to have the extra flying (& maintenance, & personnel, etc) written in.

Currently, there is also the number of flights per day (one) that cadets can operate on the Tutor; they would need individual ear pieces made for them to wear under their bone domes.

My previous suggestion will be going back into the melting pot - allocate an ACPS bursary, to be overseen by the Air League (who already use approved flt schools for their bursaries). If TK is leaving, maybe the extreme over the top “duty of care” focus can be relaxed.


Could it even legally happen at an AEF? QFIs aren’t civvy flight instructors, so how could they authorise a civvy to fly solo?

Valid point

Have the yellow foam earplugs been considered unsuitable?

AEF staff advised me that repetitive flying (i.e. more than sortie a day) requires “made to fit” personal ear plugs - I think that they have wired integral ear pieces (direct sound).

Cadets aren’t allowed to fly the Tutor solo.

Cadets on ACPNTS and other courses are fitted for a Mk4 helmet and wear IECD (in ear comms earplugs) from the UAS pool (you have your own ear tip foams)

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