ACP20 Pers Form 1-19




There’s the cop out clause, ‘doesn’t generally’ means rules can be altered to suit.


Bod or Bods?


Not bothered. They get paid handsomely for doing sod all.


I was reading CAC’s Christmas message.
Something that has intrigued me is the call for getting more “volunteers”. Did the VA bring more losses than envisaged? If like our sqn and several others I know of, getting rid of people who no matter how many times you tell Wing and send them missives to the same, they just never went off the books, but they have now. This doesn’t include those who said ‘screw you’ when given a bit of paper to sign earlier in the year.
I was looking at the reports page and there doesn’t seem to be a report relating to how many CFAV there are.


Or were before all this?


I’m not sure there is a report for raw staff numbers as there is for cadets.


There will be, but not at our level of access.


Which makes no sense.

Never the less I imagine many would be interested to know the numbers just before and just after the cut off dates and computer runs.

I can think of at least 7 who would have been deleted from squadron staff counts.


I still haven’t heard anything yet…

I do rather wondering if I got culled before the date so that I didn’t get counted as a stroppy protest.


Seems to be being implemented at RHQ level rather than HQ? I’ve seen different people report different actions.


I was told to do the non-attendance admin, that email was placed in the “urgent email to be ignored” file.


This the stats you were looking for?
From the MOD Sponsored Cadet Forces Statistics May 2018


Seems that chart will make more interesting reading once the VA "sackings " kick into the stats.Unless of course they decide to suppress them of course.Mind the ACF figures look iffy (16.2% reduction.)


No I was looking at S/point reports which are supposedly live.

As @1993 says figures can be altered and I have little trust in the information they’d allow. I suspect the losses from non-signers will expose a problem with adult staffing.