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Just want to ask, Barracks shirt is CS95 shirt? Am I permitted to wear it with PCU shirt? I have heard from various staff that to wear the Barracks dress shirt, the CS95 trousers are also required? However, CS95 trousers are nowhere permitted for wear in the regulations

d. MTP Barracks Shirt. This garment is a lighter version of the jacket without the additional sleeve padding and is designed to be worn within the office
and camp environment. Whilst it has not been authorised for issue by the RAF it is acknowledged that, due to the private purchase route nature for No3
dress, RAFAC personnel will likely purchase in good faith. It is therefore permissible for RAFAC personnel to wear the barracks shirt.

Assuming you are meaning the Barrack shirts in MTP then you as above are allowed to wear it. You wear the normal PCS Lightweight trousers with it.

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Realistically, if you have a pair of CS95 MTP trousers, you can wear them. Only a true pedant would pick you up on that.

I still have a CS95 shirt in MTP. Wear it most nights in greens.


Yes i do mean the Barrack shirt in MTP.

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Would CS95 mtp trousers be allowed? it isnt included in the authorised ensemble

Who is going to notice or care?


I’d only be bothered about two points;

Are they MTP?
Are they serviceable (ie, no rips)?

If the answer to either is no, don’t wear. If the answer to both is yes, crack on.

I’m not going to look at the minutiae of the patterns because, really, I couldn’t care less.


I don’t think you can tell the difference to be honest. Theres a few people who get their pants in a twist over the 2 similar types of barrack shirt which you cant tell the difference until you take it off :man_facepalming:

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The differences are pretty clear to the trained eye…

CS95 MTP shirts had an extra button in the collar points, barrack shirts do not. (Note, CS95 DPM shirts did not have that button either.)

CS95 MTP trousers have uncovered buttons, and the map pockets are square to the leg, as opposed to being angled slightly forwards.

None of those are reasons not to wear those items.


Being a bit cold blooded, I tend to stick to the MTP shirt, but have the lighter weight CS95 version for the warmer months - soooo much easier to roll up sleeves!

To my mind, until they issue staff and cadets with MTP kit, as long as it’s serviceable, either version should be OK.
Once had a bit of chat with someone who mentioned about MTP trousers with an ironed in crease.
I had bought them, they had previously had a crease, so used to iron it back in rather than have the white line. My second pair didn’t have a crease when I got them, so they stay flat.
Seemed logical to me, but this member of the uniform police didn’t agree.
Too many other more important issues out there to worry too much!

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Contrary to common belief, there IS a difference between the barrack shirt and the CS95 MTP shirt. The barrack shirt has no top button (to give a sort of pre-tailored lapel) and no zip, where the CS95 shirt has both a zip and the top button (assumedly for use with body armour?).

There is no written stipulation that you must wear the exposed button CS95 trousers with the barrack shirt. I don’t. I wouldn’t worry too much anyway, only real pedants will care.

My CS95 one has no zip, but does have the top button. I wonder if that changed?

Never seen that before honestly. Must be good in the summer.

You know that even where there is a zip one doesn’t actually have to fasten it, right? :wink:

In the old days cutting the zip out of CS95 was a common modification.

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Someone cut the zip out.

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Do you still wear the TRF with the MTP CS95 shirt as per you did with DPM shirts?

Yes you do

Goes in exactly the same place on the barrack shirt.

But I don’t think you wear the ‘AIR CADETS’ patch above the breast pocket on ANY MTP shirt, whether it’s CS95 shape or not?

You are correct…forgot about that!

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