ACP 26 Form 5

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I fear this may be a stupid question but I have just had a debate with a member of Wing about completing a form which seems obsolete to our unit!!

Do we need to keep a record of Form 5 from ACP 26 (Ammunition Store Inspection Record Sheet) if we no longer have any weapons or ammunition at the unit and are highly unlikely to have any in the future??

I’d say no, as that’s unnecessary admin burden? But I’ve no clue what the policy says. We can’t store any OME, so I’ve never filled out any form relating to OME for our unit, and haven’t been asked for it. Only thing I’ve had to do is give a nill reply to the weapons muster thing.

In short, yes you do.
Even though it’s empty it’s still an active store/armoury.

If you are unlikely to be holding anything in the future it might be worth discussing with your Wing Shooting Officer to decommission the store at which point you wouldn’t need to complete the admin.

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Same logic as having a car and needing it to be taxed and insured, regardless of how much you drive it.

If you don’t want to do it, you need to get it SORN’d / armoury equivalent.

You can get armoury seals that are normally used in extended stand down period such as christmas. Basically sign all the paperwork off as null & then seal up. You just need to do a weekly check on the tabs though. ACF use them all the time

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Brilliant, thanks.

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