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I’ve been tagged to go and help out at my nephew’s CCF as they are now down to one very reluctant member of RAF staff who has left admin to spiral out of control. They told me to read up on ACP 22 for the differences on CCF/ATC but I can’t find it on sharepoint (which must be one of the least use friendly databases I’ve ever used - and I work in the civil service!). Does anyone have a link to the current one?

I thought ACP22 was dead and buried.
@tmmorris ?

That may explain why I can’t find it! As I said their admin has been pretty dire for a while now. What document covers the CCF training syllabus, establishment etc these days?

ACP 22 is not listed on SharePoint and on ACP 0 there is no Document name or sponsor against 22

Is that JSP313?

JSP313 (on Sharepoint the verson is from 2011) references ACP22, so I don’t think so. I imagine JSP313 is analogous to AP1919 but I can’t say for sure.

Ah right. I was just reviewing my paperwork for my upcoming OIC, JSP313 was the only CCF-specific pre course reading listed, thought that may’ve been their bible

ACP22 has been dead for some years now. We are to follow the various ACTOs, which are variously successful in covering CCF matters as well as ATC ones.

JSP313 is (as ever) undergoing a rewrite - the slowness can be attributed to the J, of course. The intention is to strip it to its essentials and removed the service-specific sections entirely to separate single-service documents (such as the ATCOs - the RAFAC as ever leading the way in admin…)

If you have CCF questions you don’t want to ask in open forum do please PM me.

Thanks. Will read JSP313 with the usual caveats and try and search the ACTOs. Is there one that covers the the classification requirements as I understand it’s rather different from the ATC?

There is an RAF supplement to JSP313 which is only a few years old, 2013 I think? Most of that is probably still relevant:

As for proficiency - it is more or less the same as the ATC:
1st Class cadet = CCF Part 1
Leading cadet = CCF Part 2
Senior cadet = CCF Advanced
The CCF don’t have Master cadet, but the Instructor Cadet requirements are the same (MOI course, assesed lesson, as per ACTO 22 and TG Form 12), except you need CCF Advanced not Master cadet.

Thanks for all the help guys. Am I right in thinking though that for Senior they only need 1 exam rather than 3 and need to complete some adventurous activities equivalent to silver DofE plus some NCO training?
It’s likely to only be for 9 months or so until someone returns from maternity leave but I want to get the admin in order and do a good job whilst I’m there.

For CCF Advanced it is now just one exam via Ultilearn. The other requirements (Specialised/Adventurous Training and NCO Training) have been removed.

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Fab. That makes things easier.

Things have changed quite a bit from my days as a CCF cadet. :grinning:

Yep, no .303s! :stuck_out_tongue:


If you have access to BADER then search for ‘CCF Syllabus’ and you will find the CCF requirements for Part 1/2/3.

There is also a CCF version of the new Progressive Training Syllabus poster but this wasn’t edited carefully before publication and, for example, contradicts the official syllabus in the number of exams required for Part 3 (advanced). However other PTS elements e.g. shooting, music, leadership, aviation all apply to the CCF - just ignore the bit about classifications top left.

Thanks. Is this the one (2014 edition?)


And thanks for the offer of further help if I have other queries once I’m settled in

My top tip for CCF: if you think you understand Command & Control in the CCF, you don’t.

Several Generals have learned that; and judging from a comment he made to me just before he left, the previous AOC 22 Gp never quite worked it out!