ACP 18 Volume 1 - RAF Air Cadet Policy for training with OME

Just saw via IBN that ACP 18 Vol 1 has been re-issued.

The IBN, with a list of major changes, the new policy as well as links to 30 min briefing sessions for various target audiences are available on teh Shooting Portal News Article - ACP 18 Vol 1 2022 release

Valuable reading for anyone involved in delivering Shooting, Fieldcraft or Arms Drill I’d advise.


Some good changes, reduction in training for using rifles in fieldcraft should help a lot.


Thanks @themajor.

Didn’t know this was coming out, but will give it a read tonight.

Will definitely help.

Especially, if we could get better access to L103A2s!

There is a new ACP 26 due out soon but I’m afraid access to 103s isn’t improved, that will be a long standing issue.

Given the shift towards using L98 / L103 as a baseline, do we think there will now be scope for FCIs to teach lessons 19-22 / more offensive tactics in chapter 2?

So they are trying to make it so that cadets get to train with weapons and be more real…Huzzah!!

However, have enough trouble trying to get basic FC exercise with suitably qualified/authorised staff.
Now I need suitable staff weapons quals as well, cadets “1/2” trained on L98 and all the faff of having to find weapons and transport/collection/return on top of the rest of the exercise?

Maybe happy to help but don’t think I will be organising any time soon.
Leave this one to Wing as before

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No. It’s actually very clear that this is a preference not a requirement:

Fieldcraft should be conducted with cadets carrying the L98A2 rifle … whenever appropriate (and possible/practicable)

(my bold)


The syllabus is yet to be agreed. Don’t expect much change to what we have currently but the pending policy at the moment makes it easier for people to teach at lower levels generally and also higher levels without being an M Qual.

It’s just got to get through the command board…

I’m looking forward to seeing what staff quals are required to teach ‘blue’ as we have a large number of cadets who have done no FT at all, and as others have noted only a limited supply of FCIs.

Getting more staff to teach the basics will help massively.


Makes sense given M Qual is a planning and conducting course for B&P. If the lesson plans are in the AC, we should be taught how to deliver this on an FCI course then be good to go IMO.

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They don’t teach you how to deliver a BL at Cranwell and the safety around it. At the same time we don’t think you need to be an SAAI to deliver the basics so it’s about trying to strike the balance of what the DDH will accept risk wise and what the CFAVs want for ease of gaining and maintaining a Qual.

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Do they do that on OIC now?

Certainly not when I did mine, but that was a few years ago so it might have changed.

It’ll certainly take some thinking about but the FCI course could provide this training too IMO.

Hmm. Are we? Definitely not a part of the OIC I sat through.

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The FCI course is (now) how to teach fieldcraft, onus on students to learn the lesson content if they don’t already know it.

Appreciate that that creates a bit of a chicken & egg situation as not everyone is an ex Rock/Reservist/JL graduate.


To be honest, low level fieldcraft with CWS is most likely still only going to be at a Wing level unless Sqns can get access to L98 / L103. Equally how many squadrons have access to quality training areas and could offer this training without wing assistance? Would be interesting to know how and find out.

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Based on the responses to the FC survey not long back, not many units could offer much above basics on squadron or within their extended footprint and not many more above that could go above consolidating basics on DTE without help due to staffing requirements.


Yes get that - was being a little facetious - its the possible/practicable bit I was trying to highlight

Next time I will just use the words and not the inference

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