ACP 020

Hi all,
I’ve managed to get my hands on ACP 020 v8 - was wondering if this is the most up-to-date version, and if not, if anyone knows how I can get the most recent version?
Bader is not co-operative.

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Version 14 is on Sharepoint so V8 is not the latest.

Not sure why Bader is not co-operative but I would advise getting access and looking in the key docs.


I’m not on SharePoint I’m afraid - cadet, not CFAV. Would there be any other way?

What exactly are you after within acp20

It would not be appropriate for wholesale copies of ACPs to be shared via this forum.

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As always.
Ask your staff.

If one of my cadets wanted to know something from acp20. I would be glad to show then it.

Furthermore I would commend them for asking

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Cadet Establishment Scale, ToRs for equal opportunities, and WOs and SNCO Instruction numbers.

Shall do. Much appreciated, thank you

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I can’t help but be curious about why you’re after those pieces of info - not exactly common points of curiosity for a cadet.

I’m also not sure what you mean by this bit:

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ACP20 may be in the downloads section of Cadet Portal - have you checked there?

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After the cadet establishment scale purely as a matter of vague curiosity - after lockdown I know of some squadrons who’ve lost cadets / had cadets age out - and some units that have been a little hasty to compensate and fill the roles. Every sqn runs differently - just wondering how the book would like us to do it.

Terms of Reference for Equal Opportunities is something I’ve been asked by a cadet ( god knows where they got it from ) who wants to know the full details of the RAFAC’s stance on LGBT+ rights - I’ve pointed them towards the ASPIRE group, and the Diversity + Inclusion Policy, but they’d like a document to study themselves about the training available 🤷🏼

Nearing the end of my cadet career ( the light at the end of the tunnel ) and would very much like to continue on as a staff SNCO once I age out. Different wings have different policies on how to go about this, or so I’ve heard, so I’d like to give the regs a skim on what to expect - granted, my sqn staff could give me a rundown of the role, but I’m one of those people who only thinks of a question when the opportunity to ask it has been and gone, and would benefit from a hard copy.

It is, but only the Cadet Code Of Conduct part

Best advice you can give them. Reading your post, I’m still not entirely sure what it is they’re looking for. Are they looking for policy or training? Either way, your Wing or Region LGBT+ Rep would be able to guide them directly.

If you are a staff cadet & signed the staff cadet agreement then there is no reason you can’t have access to share point as you would need access to SMS to act as activity IC & do more of the staff stuff.

Have a chat with your Sqn CO & hopefully they will be able to take you through.

You will probably have to jump with the Staff e-learning modules though (information handling, ACTO 10 etc).

It’s pretty standard practise at the local Sqns for the staff cadets where I am.


Just to confirm.

If you are a staff cadet…
You will already of had to have completed these modules.
You will already have completed BPSS.

You can therefore be given access to sharepoint.


I refer you to my earlier suggestion.
Speak to your OC. They will help you.

In the absolute remote chance that they dont.
Speak to your sector commander.

But of course. As a staff cadet… you already knew all this.

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To be dead honest with you, neither am I. It was a very vague request made before my sqn split for Xmas break, so my thought process was that if anywhere would have some more intricate detail that could satisfy the cadet’s curiosity, ACP 020 would.

I have given them emails - they’re too shy to use them, and would rather take the query up the sqn CoC first

That’s fine. Anyone can take the query up to the reps on their behalf, they’ll just need a better idea of what it is the cadet is looking for.