ACLC - what’s the content?


Can anyone tell me more about the content/structure of the ACLC course. We have four cadets going (incluing my son) and I’d like to understand more about what they’ll be doing. I’m currently a volunteer at our CCF unit but trying to work through CI and onto a commission - lots to learn!



Basically it’s a combination of a bit of theory and a lot of practise - the cadets go through three phases of command tasks leading one task each during each phase, reviewing each other and giving teaching points each time. As they go through the phases the tasks get longer and more complex.

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Good luck getting onto a commission. If your son is old enough to be going to ACLC then you are likely at least 32. That only gives you 33 years or so for HQAC to process the paperwork and get through all the stages of selection. Will be a tight call.


So funny, yes, it’s taking forever… (and BTW I’m 46 so not so long to wait…) I have to say I’ve been waiting about 5-6 months just for the CI interview… to the point now where the schools Army section are trying to poach me by offering a quicker commissioning process but I’m trying to stay loyal to our RAF section!

Sorry for the facetious comment. My own experience of ACLC was back in 20 03 so couldn’t really help there. I’m frustrated as I keep losing staff to the Army section (some just on paper as they still teach the RAF Section). I’m new to CCF as have transferred from an ATC for maternity cover but find it odd that a section of 100 Air Cadets has only one uniformed member of staff and HQAC are not doing anything about it

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I know, we’re similar, lots of cadets, one officer, need help… and it’s frustrating for me too as I’m giving up a lot of time and feel somewhat disrespected by not having my application progressed! But, patience is not a bad skill for me to practise so I’ll do my best and focus on what I can do to help as things are!

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