ACLC Reports

I’ve got a cadet on ACLC at the moment and wondered if anyone knew if we still get a report on then at the end of it and if so how long they take to come through? Don’t want to pester the organisers if it’s something someone on here knows.
Just waiting for the outcome on the course before making a final decision on the promotions for September.

This is from a few years back but if I remember rightly it took around 7 or 8 months for some of our cadets to get their reports.

Some of our cadets did it last year and got reports. Can’t remember the gap between completion and receiving their report though.

Thanks both. Seriously hope it’s not 7 months anymore. Makes them rather pointless if that’s the case.

Yes, we wrote them this morning!

The reports are essentially finalised during the course itself, so God only knows what’s taking them 7 months to reach you.

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Thanks @MattB . Hope you had a great week. Not going to nanme my cadet but will be looking forward to reading the report (assuming he passed). Thanks for helping out on the course. I know it’s a lot of work, but a great course.

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It was a few years back but I wouldn’t be surprised if my WHQ was sitting on it for the majority of that time!

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