ACLC Applications

As a number of wings have clearly not seen anything RE ACLC 2022 and the applications close on the 9th of Jan, I’ve dug through Sharepoint to find these two links which should help you if you want to push this to your cadets last minuet. Hopefully this will save you all having to dig through emails and/or Sharepoint. By the looks of the Facebook comments there are many wings have received nothing on this. Once again cadets being let down by trickle down communications.

ACTO 084

20211105-BRO 21-Serial No 7 (Note the two separate How-To guides for ATC and CCF in Annex A and B.)

How to Guide 01 (CCF Cadet Application)

How to Guide 02 (ATC Cadet Application)

(Just tidied up the links a bit.)


The how to guide for ATC doesn’t appear to work?

Link seems to work for me. :thinking:

Im in a position to forward an email if people want to PM me a bader email address.

Must be because I’m in my phone then?

Possibly. It may be an odd permissions issue as it’s within the CCF area of SharePoint. I don’t have permission for that bit, but the links seem to work fine for me!

Try this link here. (How to Guide 02 (ATC Cadet Application)

This link is the one from within the original document that has been shortened.

Ah that works, thanks

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I believe the deadline has now been extended to the 16th

Maybe I’m being a bit thick here… what’s all the fuss about? We had notification of all this ages ago?

Some did, many didn’t.