Hello all!

With the ACF having their detachments affiliated with regiments of the Army I was wondering if the ACF RMP (if there are any detachments under RMP) wear red caps? if not what do they wear in replacement?

I just looked up the twitter feed of one of the RMP ACF Detachments. It looks like the adult staff wear red caps but the cadets do not.

Ah not too dissimilar to us wearing the RAF badges whilst the cadets wear the ATC ones then


This is the ACC, but I’ll still answer you.

RMP Cadets wear a Black Beret with the RMP Capbagde (same worn when regulars go through Defence Collage of policing and guarding).

RMP is obviously army.
MPGS is seperate.
MODP is MoD.

It’s the same with RM cadets , they haven’t done the training so they don’t get the beret however they wear the training beret being the black beret with red badge and capbadge

Thank you, I was just curious is all because obviously we have pretty much one standard across the board but they seem to have differences depending on which regiment you end up representing.

I do think those red caps look cool though, but then I thought the same when I was a 15 year old cadet visiting an RAFP squadron with their white caps.

I’m hoping the tone that comes across isn’t the one you intended…


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