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Is there an ACF equivalent of ACC?

#2 . not sure if it is still going.


Not that I know if, but then I haven’t looked :wink:

If there’s a demand I can start one.


Very surprised they don’t have a form of discussion…


We mostly just use facebook groups these days. We have two main national ones. One for sensible stuff and one for…well it is best not mentioned really!


I would expect it to have a limited character set to that only upper-case letters can be used.


I also suspect they care much less about losing three little letters of their badges…


I would too, as they are not loosing any little letters…


Save it for the other thread please.


Why are we even taking about army cadets on a Air Cadet Foum if they want one let them make. One


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This has gone way off topic. Lock please?


Why not change from air cadet central to all cadet central?

ACF Problems

I’ve not locked it but split the thread.


Really don’t see turning this into All Cadet Central being a good idea, though a sister board, separately administered and moderated, with a bit of crossover might go down better