Access to Sqn building

At a time when we need to do anything to retain cadets, can anyone tell me why I can’t pop into the Sqn to collect all the certificates to post out to cadets? (They were due to be handed out on our awards night last week).

At the same time, I’m allowed to enter my cricket club, without an unnecessary ‘site survey’, to plan and prep for a return to training.

Are you likely to be caught?


Think this is a RFCA policy…which says it all really

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Put in a request - your Regional Commandant can authorise such a visit.



Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.


Put in a request through your Wing Exe Officer, detailing just what you want to do. Personally, I don’t see why you can’t as it’s a fairly reasonable request.

Remember the 11th commandment.

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It’s not the RAFAC this has come from it’s the MOD. Each building needs to be cleared prior to going in. As previously said you can request permission.

What’s more concerning is how many people on here are encouraging to just go and do it. This sums up what’s the problem with the organisation.

People who think they are better than the rules are the reason we have so many rules. The more people that break them the more stricter it’ll be on us.


Be realistic. How does one person entering a building that has been empty since March pose any sort of risk? Some rules are just silly, that is one of them.


I’ll be amazed if my RFCA have the resources to even consider cleaning building before we go back.

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Mines been full of workmen. It looks great!

Given that we were part way through a fairly heft internal reshuffle at the time of lockdown - they’ll have fun with ours.

It is all a bit mental really. We have received permission for one person to go back in recently to retrieve training materials but the orders were very specific that they must contact the Sqn OC immediately before they enter and then again once they have left.
Why FFS!?

Have you been in the Corps for long?


Loan working

I completely agree.

A “thou shalt not” order was sent down from on high with no explanation, likely due to an MOD directive that doesn’t really make sense in our circumstances but has been applied anyway.

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Welcome to the Mad House. One RAFAC, a thousand varients to suit an individual’s requirement.
Everyone trying to get around the system doesn’t do anyone any favours, especially with a new CAC on the block who will no doubt have been told about ACC and could be watching with interest, how the organisation operates and conducts itself on here.

What about squadrons based inside of schools? The school is open and being used, it isn’t MOD property. We’ve not been in all the same as playing by the rules… But I could do with a few bits…

The hedges on our Sqn could really do with a trim!


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Ours is on an Army Reserve compound that we have to grant RFCA access to, how can we grant them access if we’re not allowed in?

Been staff now for over 15 years - and it’s poor advice to give anyone to encourage them to break rule.

As for informing the OC before and after entry - surly that’s similar to your Lone Working Risk Assessment anyway? The only difference is ours doesn’t specify the OC, just another member of staff

Ahhhh the old “lone working” baloney.

If I’m out on the boat alone I call someone when I’m due back… If I were lone working up a radio tower l’d call someone when I’m done.

If I’m working alone at a desk (as I do every single day) I don’t call someone when I finish work.

The idea that letting oneself into an ATC hut to pick up some booklets and then leave 5 minutes later is a lone working risk which requires notification on entering and leaving, is the biggest load of nonsense I’ve heard this week… And that’s up against some pretty stiff competition all things considered.