ACC Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Inspired by the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year (see here: A ball of barnacles wins wildlife photo award - BBC News) , why not have an ACC version?

I think basic rules should be 1 entry per member, that you must have taken the photo yourself, and the photo must have been taken in 2023.

Shall we say 2 weeks to submit entries on this thread, then we’ll have a vote?

Here’s my entry from October of a mink enjoy its breakfast after Storm Babet caused flooding locally.


Good thread idea!

I took this at a wildlife park in France. I rested my phone on the fence to take a picture of some Lemurs playing, and one of them jumped on the fence to have a look at my phone!


Met a lion…then i saw him “cuddle” his GFs

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Snapped this bee having a snooze in the flowerbeds.


August 23, moved him off the road but poor guy appeared to have a death wish. Didn’t last long.


Had to go all the way to January to find something that wasn’t a cat


Antigua - does that count? :wink:

Little tortoise sanctuary at hotel, & moth caterpillar apparently very common in Caribbean - dozens on one tree, stripped it in an afternoon!


(typing in a nasal tone) erm actually the rules state that there’s only one entry per person, so you need to choose one or I will petition for your disqualification.

Wait, what do you mean it doesn’t matter?

Back in reality, did you say tortoise sanctuary? I need a shipping crate, lots of snacks, and an address please…

I’ll choose the tortoise then! :turtle:

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