ACC Main Site


With the forum ticking along nicely I want to look at the rest of the site.

The successful update of the site structure gives us an opportunity to ‘flesh out’ the rest of the site.

What, outside of the forum, do you, dear users, wish to see on the main site?




resources similar to that supplied by the former “air cadet resources .com” would be awesome.


What, in particular, did you like that Air Cadet Resource provided?



I think mostly things like the cadet uniform cartoons and marketing / recruitment material.


Some of the fonts appear to have changed to Times New Roman…is that intentional?


No, it should all be sans serif!

Where are you setting times?


Seems goes to the Recent topics, used to go to the main/index page
Anyone else seeing that? How can I get it back to the main index page?


Happening to me too.


[quote=“djrice” post=19870]No, it should all be sans serif!

Where are you setting times?[/quote]
My time setting is ‘London’ but I still see TNR font and when logging in, I go to the ‘Recent Topics’ page instead of the site index\forums.


Hi, the link is fixed, fat fingers on my part!

I’m still not seeing TNR???