ACC future services

Dear Users,

As you know I’m always thinking of things to make ACC more useful to the Air Cadet community.

But, as ever, I don’t want to do anything that’s of no use!!

What can I do for you as members of the Air Cadets?

Anything would be considered, what are you not getting from official sources?

Please put your thoughts here.



Some gliding please! :wink:


You could design me a new website…

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Current RAF Orbat as bases. Map with clickable drill-downs.

Current Aircraft Recognition List as JSRJ-style multi-shot silhouettes. Simulated competition.

Animation of uniformed individuals (using the classic AirCadet resources images). To test Cadets on salute/not and addressed.

Aircraft comparative performance selection dogfight generator.

An aviation met UK map page

Links to AlphaCharlie pages (and perhaps adopt / adapt?)

Medal ribbons recognition charts.

WW1 The Air War

WW2 BoB and Home Front

WW2 types recognition page
Cold War types recognition page

STEM resources page

Music links page

Modern airframe types clickable identification chart (Atlas / Sentinel etc). Think Top Trumps for the 21century

Links to FlightRadar24

Station Ops simulator (sorry, this runs more into new stand-alone apps, but I think a more-mundane non-expeditionary version of ‘Operation X’ would be so useful

An encyclopedia of valid aviation / military aviation related links. With votes up/down/evicts

A relaunch of the Air Cadet Wiki hints concept. Not just polishing shoes, but a sharing of ‘the best personal admin knowledge’. Peer provided, votes up/down/out

Projects presentation areas. Youtube walk-throughs, similar concept to Instructables.

Career / Uni / College true-life stories page. Full persec redactions, all totally data-desensitised.

Proper International Air Cadet information and even programme comparison.

Exams practice generator. Multi-level. With/without answers revealed

I should clarify that I mean a new squadron website. I like ACC fine now.

i am not a fan of the continual scroll aspect myself.
i prefer paged threads. it is a odd occasion but if i want to refer back to a post, or show a fellow CFAV a comment i can navigate to a known page (bottom of page 2, somewhere in page 5)

  • i have mentioned this before though and don’t recall many minding either way!

we have the “like” function on individual posts…

…is there a way of transferring that into a score?

on a previous ACC forum there was a similar approach offering some credibility to posters, they made good solid contributions as they had a “high” number of “likes”?

(It seems odd to me that it was a feature and then lost meaning all users start from zero)

Steve, you can use the posts numbering that you see on the right to get an idea of where the post lies - you can even bookmark them for future reference by clicking the three dots under the post then clicking bookmark. Bookmarks are then accessed from your profile menu, top right, and clicking the bookmark icon.

If you click a users avatar on a post you’ll see their ‘Badges’ there are many and there are levels you can achieve, along with many other badges. Have a look here to see them all.

@wilf_san those are some great ideas, I’ll make a start on getting the pages together.

I’m looking at using the forum ‘wiki’ function to see if it’s suitable for some extra, communal content that we can all edit and stay in the forum software.

keep your ideas coming!


The beginnings of the new ACC Wiki is up for you all to add information.

Please take these barebones and make them a really great resource!