ACC-Drive New Training Material Upload


I have uploaded a Junior Cadet Training Programme that was developed by a CI at my unit. If cadets attend every night, this training can be completed in as little as 7 weeks (if they stick at it and do it every parade evening).

You can find it on the link below. It has improved our retention rates as we feel it has made the training more interesting and accessible to the cadets. Any comments would be welcome.

I have also uploaded some posters that I had from the old aircadetresource website. There is also a good line drawing of the L98 A2 from the Army. They can be found here:


Military Aircraft Systems Training Manual

I’ve created a full manual for the MAS subject - happy to upload it if someone can give me rights to do so.

In addition, I’m creating powerpoints for the lessons, and I’ve done 3 of the 6 so far - if anyone wants to pitch in and help me make the remaining ones, it’d be highly appreciated!


PM me the email address you want to connect to ACC drive and I’ll get you the access.




OK, all uploaded - I also took the liberty of organising the sen-mas, ldg and 1st class directories into folders grouping by subject which should make it a little easier to navigate and understand.


Can someone please fact-check my revision of the ranks poster before I upload it please?

MAR-2-111_Ranks_of_the_RAFAC_O.pdf (275.9 KB)


If I was being pedantic…
By definition CWO is Staff Cadet only

Also be good if you could have RAF/ATC WO and MAcr the same priority (T&L then Crown or vice cersa but both the same)


I shall counter-pedant, by pointing out that it’s a RAFAC poster, not an ATC one…

Yes, just spotted that - will change


Personally never seen a Staff Cadet referred to in writing as “Staff Cadet” but maybe this is technically right? Also, LCpl doesn’t have Cadet before it in the “in writing” section.



I think so - I’m 99% sure that it was officially correct in the days when they were instructor cadets, and I’ve just carried on doing so with a different word…


MAR-2-111_Ranks_of_the_RAFAC_O.pdf (277.9 KB)


RAF SNCO, Warrant Officer and Officer ranks are to be addressed as and referred to…

Should read RAF NCO, WO and Officer as JNCOs are also addressed in the same manner


Will be printing an A3 version of this!


Will probably just change it to RAF personnel thinking about it


You’ve got a Diamond next to Master Aircrew, but no description as to what it means?? or am i missing it?


Referring to CWO’s as Warrant Officer - not convinced that’s correct, only ever heard them referred to as a Cadet Warrant Officer as that is the full title of the rank (unlike a cadet corporal).

Not that this is wrong just it’s the first I’ve seen of it!


It is correct, it was stated in the old ACP31 as such (and has always been one of my pet peeves)

No one says “cadet sergeant” so why would it be any different?


Completely agree, but is it written in any current documents?


Good point - was moved from the RAF rank where it included a line about their being reffered to by position. Will have a look at that.


No, but neither is the odd way that seems to be common either.


Question: why isn’t Cdt LCpl listed with Cadet as a prefix in “refer to (in writing)”
Also, can we point to a document that confirms that APO are saluted?