ACC Court Service

As ACC has moved headquarters, I’ve managed to find an e-Basement in which to set up a courtroom. I’ve got the important bits sorted out - there’s a fully stocked bar with some comfy chairs for the court members, I’ve hung a stout rope from a beam and and I’ve found a dungeon for the [strike]guilty[/strike] accused… now we just need to staff it!

I shall of course be taking on my previous role as DCI, rounding up the miscreants (and I assume that Daws will be re-claiming his previous role as chief superintendent, playing golf and taking long lunch breaks)… so, volunteers for judge, jury and executioner?

Defence Counsel? Or is that a little too fair for this court?

The ECHR have been on the phone. Did you not get the memo? You were shut down for breaches of dignity, respect and general in keeping with the law.

Why do you think we’re in the basement?

Anyway, first case: Operation Nimrod, for contempt of court.

As Defence Counsel, I would submit in mitigation. (As there is no defence.) That he tried his best.

As soon as we find a judge, he can enter a plea!

My plea? Hahahahah.

Bring it on.

you want a judge?

Welcome aboard!

Is the penalty for contempt of the ACC Court still death?

I thought the Terms of Reference were for Judge/Jury/Executioner - not just plain on Judge! Silly!

[quote=“MattB” post=1164]Welcome aboard!

Is the penalty for contempt of the ACC Court still death?[/quote]

Or cake?

Cake please.

I propose he receives a sentence of death by cake, now if you’ll excuse me I have a lodge meeting to attend.

I’ll have the chicken.

DCI I would like TimmyRah investigated and prosecuted for something, I don’t mind what, do a good job on him and their may be a space open at the Country Club.

Cattle rustling?

Daws will have to offer a better bribe than that… who on earth wants membership of a country club where the old bill go.

I mean really, talk about slumming it.

Sounds good.

Judge Blonde, could I have an arrest warrant for a Mr Rah on suspicion of cattle rustling please?

I love the fact that this has been suggested by the defence counsel!

I’ve seen the evidence… :wink:

I didn’t do nuffin guv!!