ACA - Air Cadet Association Dinner

Anyone on here going? Apart from me of course…

Maybe next year…bit of a drive for me!

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Not a member.

Never heard of it.

It should of come down the CoC also via RWOs/WWO’s but here is the link: follow them on Twitter: @AirCadetAssoc
£10 a year :slight_smile:

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Not this year - maybe next however!

I asked when I was added to the ACA facebook pages and to the people in the wing telling me how wonderful it all was, what it was about and for more information other than its going to cost you and we gave money to XYZ. I am still waiting so maybe you may want to raise the fact that the most people don’t really have a clue about what you actually do.

From a personal point of view from what infromation the people in my wing have told me about it, I am sorry to say it does seem like a back patting group that has spun off from the drill camps.

I will feed that back to the ACA team - whilst it has a lot of members from the D&C guys it was reformed out of what was the Air Cadet Connect and now has a wide range of members - not trying to spin just saying - hopefully more people will become aware as its pushed harder… cheers

I still don’t know the purpose of this association. I don’t know where the membership money goes to, I don’t know it’s aims (and “support CFAVs” isn’t very descriptive).

Maybe you’d get more people going if it was more open and clear as to the purpose.

Might be worth them pushing the case studies out to the Corps?

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having heard of, and seen on a selection of platforms the name ACA, i too questioned this. It isn’t something discussed in conversation in our Wing so out of curiosity I have visited the website and found an answer (ish) to the question above

taken from

so it would seem, in simply terms* offers Welfare in way of financial support but only small amounts.
I shall forgive the organisation for being new and thus small, but it search the website and you’ll note it has no charity status as the annual income does not meet the £5000/year threshold.

Based on (full) membership alone (£10) that requires 500x Staff to sign up (on the assumption membership is an annual renewal - it isn’t obvious.

Although i recognise and praise the efforts and well meaning of the scheme and aims - if requests can be passed to RAFA or similar organisations what does the ACA do that is different?
An argument may well be run by and for CFAVs which i again applaud but is it needed if other organisations are better placed to offer this support and without the requirement to pay for membership?

is this not another charity for the sake of having another charity; same aims, goals targets and drive but for a slightly smaller/more specific population?

*and by virtue of the available funds this will be simply welfare - the pot sits at £455 from 6 donations