Abnormally Large Parade Shoes

Does anyone know of a supplier of HUGE parade shoes? We have a cadet who now needs size 15s :anguished:

I know that’s crazy, and please no boat or canoe jokes…

Might be worth giving stores a ring see if they can help.


Have you tried Go Outdoors? They’ve a fantastic kayak selection.

jokes aside I’ve found these on ebay available in a 15 British Army NEW Parade Shoes Leather Toe Cap RAF Cadet Dress Uniform Male | eBay


Some black oxfords won’t stick out and can be had in a close match to parade shoes from quite a few places.

Holy Mother…

I was going to suggest Oxfords. But beaten to it.

As far as I’m aware issue shoes cease size at 14s. Everything else is special order, hand made. Just like big people uniform. Maybe ask stores for details on this?

Or try

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Thanks everyone. We’re going to try the ebay link first and also ask stores. Looks like there are more places than I expected!

Good luck.

Cadet Direct got me size 15 boots, but I’ve not tried for DMS shoes.

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