Aaron Aerospace Academy

New thread to continuing the discussion from Gliding "paused":

@tingger claims its been binned, and it certainly seems so from the radio silence on the project, but hasn’t provided any evidence to support.

Simon Witts, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Aviation Skills Partnership, was tweeting about getting planning permission granted back in November 2018.

Aviation Skills Partnership seems to have rebranded itself as the Aviation Skills Foundation.

Two FoI have been submitted, one to the RAF and one to the RAF Air Cadets, asking about the academy.

Will be interesting to compare the responses to the two requests.


In our new normal of social distancing, isolating, periods of being told to stay at home and people generally running scared of people, this could well be a non starter.

FOI response is back…

the information that you have requested falls entirely within the scope of Section 43 (Commercial Interests)

you may wish to be aware that there have been no further developments regarding the Aaron Aviation Academy project at RAF Syerston. To date, no proposals that meet the necessary requirements of the Department have been received and as a result, the RAF have not been able to support the delivery of an Aviation Academy at the site.

So sounds like a grand idea that is going nowhere


So why announce it as a done deal with a big fanfare if they hadn’t even got to the point of bids?

Bulk up the ‘me me me’ exit praise.

That or she doesn’t have a clue.

Slight thread drift but why is it taking people submitting FOI’s to find out information that (I feel) we should have been told about? Gliding was more than a FOI and for this Aerospace Academy, it’s a mystery as to who knows about it!

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Because this organisation’s communications skills are beyond awful.


Because this organisation doesn’t communicate.


Operation Bury Bad News and Hope People Forget

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